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Posted by akilika on 2007.05.18 at 20:01
Comic for Friday, 2007 May 18.

Also, if you missed it, Comic for Thursday, 2007 May 17.

Taking some shading hints from Human Decency, but with a wider range of tone to fit D&P. I mostly didn't want to take too long on this one.

I really, really need to work out what Grimti actually looks like. I want to phase out the bulldog jaw into something mildly more feminine, for one. I think the depiction in panel 2 is probably closest to what I want--though the fact that none of the panels depicts quite the same character annoys me. I need to tighten up the art.

As far as writing: I think they both think they're getting a pretty sweet deal, and they are, really. Grimti's getting help that's going to bring in customers and be constantly on-call for a pittance, whereas Li (who doesn't really need money) is getting a prime spot in a storybook archetype *and* an unequalled place to observe people from. That said, Grimti's final caveat hasn't come out yet.

Anyway, that's all.


Adam Cuerden
farmercuerden at 2007-12-15 18:49 (UTC) (Link)
arr.. Be the comic dead?
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