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The Dog & Pony Comm

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The Dog & Pony Webcomic Official Community
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This is the official community for the webcomic Dog & Pony. Dog & Pony's a weekend comic about the trials and tribulations of four would-be adventurers and the town they're based in. Based in part off of Dungeons & Dragons I played in my youth--and, as such, none of the characters get along or manage to accomplish anything. Largely due to bickering.

This community is set up to warn of delayed updates, tell when strips are going up, and also to offer bonus material, such as drawings or commentary. Announcements for the proto-spinoff, Threepenny Lane, will also be posted here.

Feel free to post discussions, fanwork, and other things related to Dog & Pony here. However, also consider the Dog & Pony forums for that.

And mostly, have fun.