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Posted by akilika on 2007.02.04 at 00:23
Strip for Sunday, 2007 February 4.

I'm not really pleased with how this or next Saturday's comic turned out. I've been extending my toying with the Levels function, but I'm not really sure I've got the hang of it yet.

Brighton's a bit bitchy, isn't he? :D He got that one from me. Comic artists always say that all of the characters have a bit of themselves in 'em, but boy, you don't realize how true that is until you actually do it. (That said, Karo's closest to being a personal metaphor, and I should really be careful with that.)

Anyway, maybe the fact that my gray pen ran out is a good thing--it looks REALLY cool done well, but damn, I rush way too much.

. . . and I keep going on about nothing 'cause this isn't very story-significant. Heh. Well, anyway, hopefully after next week I'll be able to break the pattern where the end of each "mini-arc" comes in the middle of the weekend. It never bothered me before, the time when stuff came up, but I guess it's more obvious when there's only two updates a week.

By the way, I've run an actual site update--not my refurbishing of the website, but I did update a couple of things. It should go up in an hour or two, so check it out! :D

Strip for Saturday, 2007 February 3.

So, Karo's back from Christine's, in a much better mood.

I've got this horrible tendency to introduce things that are probably clear questions without having any intention of answering them. Anyone who wants to know what was up with the ratter, whether Ulf actually tripped Karo, or whatnot . . . you can probably testify to this.

I should probably do something about that at some point.

Besides that, the thing I'm worried about in this strip is the implication that Li and Athene have learned to talk to each other. They haven't. But hey, Li's had all day to ask yes-and-no questions, so . . .

Posted by akilika on 2007.01.30 at 22:03
Welcome to the Dog & Pony LiveJournal Community!

The primary point of this community is to have a venue where I can talk about things being updated, not updated, or put on hiatus without having to . . . actually update the site or anything. Heh. But it also seems to be a great place to put lots of boring commentary and possibly bonus pictures and such without clogging up the site. Yeah?

D&P discussion is also welcome here, though you might find The Dog & Pony Forums to be a better place for that.

I'm the author of Dog & Pony and maintainer of this community, so if you have any problems with either, please e-mail me at caitlin.dogandpony@gmail.com.

- Caitlin Woods

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