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Posted by akilika on 2007.05.18 at 20:01
Comic for Friday, 2007 May 18.

Also, if you missed it, Comic for Thursday, 2007 May 17.

Taking some shading hints from Human Decency, but with a wider range of tone to fit D&P. I mostly didn't want to take too long on this one.

I really, really need to work out what Grimti actually looks like. I want to phase out the bulldog jaw into something mildly more feminine, for one. I think the depiction in panel 2 is probably closest to what I want--though the fact that none of the panels depicts quite the same character annoys me. I need to tighten up the art.

As far as writing: I think they both think they're getting a pretty sweet deal, and they are, really. Grimti's getting help that's going to bring in customers and be constantly on-call for a pittance, whereas Li (who doesn't really need money) is getting a prime spot in a storybook archetype *and* an unequalled place to observe people from. That said, Grimti's final caveat hasn't come out yet.

Anyway, that's all.

Posted by akilika on 2007.05.17 at 11:09
Dog & Pony updated again, but it doesn't seem to be, like, processing or anything. Sigh.

So I'll post it here.

Comic behind the cut!Collapse )

Also, Hogan posted up a totally rad, spam-free forum over at the Realm of the Dragoneers. Check it out!

Posted by akilika on 2007.03.27 at 12:06
Comic for Tuesday, 2007 March 27.

Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan Crossover Comic for Tuesday, 2007 March 27.

I'm thinking of calling time-displacement, at some point, since I did want to get around to finishing that last storyline with D&P . . . but when a crossover calls, you don't ignore it! (Especially since I would have gotten there had I actually run my updates.)

Yes, witness Dog & Pony's first crossover, a one-strip affair with Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan. You really have to love Grimti . . . and you've got to love Reinder, 'cause as far as I'm concerned, Orcish Battle Ale is now canon. :D (You also have to love Reinder for the line of credits . . . I laughed aloud.)

The art's not quite as bad as I thought it was yesterday, but I still want to shoot myself for that Abui. :P I'll be updating again tonight, so hopefully I can do better then.

Posted by akilika on 2007.03.04 at 00:15
Comic for Saturday, 2007 March 3.

Comic for Sunday, 2007 March 4.

Two comics! Thus begins "Brighton goes to church," a mini-arc I've wanted to do for a while. Just another set of interactions to go through. I've got good hope for this.

Also, Sunday's comic marks my first comic made using grayscale ink-wash for shade, and a crow-quill pen to ink. I think it came out okay, though I can definitely stand to get neater.

But then, who can't?

Anyway, that's all.

Posted by akilika on 2007.02.26 at 07:55
Comic for Saturday, 2007 February 24.

I was pounding my head against a wall for weeks on this one. I kind of wish I hadn't had to be such a rush at shading it.

But I like the stubble in the first panel. It actually seems to follow the curve of his face, kinda.

Another one-update weekend. Ergh. Oh, well, I guess.

Posted by akilika on 2007.02.17 at 23:18
Update will be a few hours late because I've got no concept of the passing of time. (i.e. I still need to ink and gray it.) Uh. Will work on that in the future. :D

EDIT: I'm too tired. Update will go up sometime in the afternoon.

Posted by akilika on 2007.02.17 at 16:50
Comic for 2007 February 17.

I forgot it was update day. Go me. :D

Posted by akilika on 2007.02.13 at 22:59
The Dog & Pony Forums are back up!

Posted by akilika on 2007.02.10 at 23:45
Strip for Sunday, 2007 February 11.

Brighton's reality is not the same as ours.

Not much more to say just now. I think I've had plans cancelled on me for the second time in three days, and I'm deeply ashamed to be a college journalist. -_-; But I think the not-blackfacing-Ulf method of shading works well.

I've got myself a bottle of ink wash. Hopefully you guys'll get to see that next Sunday. ^_^

Posted by akilika on 2007.02.10 at 00:25
Strip for Saturday, 2007 February 10.

I'm never going to try to shade Ulf like that again. (Should be an easy process, since one of the pens I need for this style of shading is dead.) :D I think I like the last panel best, although the entire comic is a bit messy for my tastes.

Anyway, looks like Brighton has found a way to run his magic-experiments, after all.

Also, a dnp_comic exclusive (for now): Threepenny Row Karo and Li art. I mostly felt like fooling around with my tablet, but I think it turned out pretty well. My fingers are a little stiff, now, but I think that's because it's cold.

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